Designer & Writer.
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a bit about myself
I'm an university student of

atom engineering . My passion for

manual design work combined with

the interest for aesthetical and

functional innovation triggered

me to jump into the design

field. Doing music and being

dynamic has always been an

an important part of my life and

being able to realize manually

a project from an idea to a

product has always pushed

me to improve my knowledges

in different artistic fields. I'm

constantly looking for new

challenges believing in what I

do with humility and sense of humor.
Skills & Tools
• adobe photoshop
• Illustrator
• figma, adobe xd
• adobe indesign
• wireframes
• ui kites
Minimalism & Transhumanism
“We do not need the future to design humans, we need to design a more human future“
Mane Tatoulian
Adobe Suite
Sep 2020 - Dec 2020 • 4 mos
UX design, Wireframing,UI Kits
Freelance Design
Jan 2019 - Present • 1 yr 1 mos
Landing page design , Move & Game posters design
Front end developer
Nov 2018 - Apr 2018 • 4 mos
More Information
+374 95 86 24 99
hr.Nersisyan1-58, Yerevan, Armenia
Davel creative agency
Dec 2020 - Present
Grpahic Design, Product Design
(Freelance /Online)
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